Soillutions BV

- an international immobilization initiative -


The earth has shown millions of years in which minerals have been formed, mixed en replaced. Nature's chemistry and biology finally lead to the thin top-layer that we live on now.

Mankind lives on this layer and uses it abundantly. Sometimes use leads to waste and waste leads to problems. Problems like in contaminated industrial sites and mining activities. In these situations high concentrations of chemicals are contaminating top layer and give rise to risks to humans and nature itself.

These risks can be taken away by using the same chemistry that nature does: fixation of contaminants into new minerals that are insoluble and can be used in everyday human activities.

We call this: immobilization. We are Soillutions. A new environmental initiative from the Netherlands; aiming at providing sustainable solutions to protect our soil worldwide.

Join us... benefit from our creativity and energy and let our services improve the ground we live on.

Soillutions... improving earth